Our modification assessment report will assess a person’s ability to manage the physical environment in their own home. This includes making recommendations about assistive equipment and home modifications which aims to improve a person’s ability to access and move about their own property as they choose/require. This includes recommendations for minor or major modifications.

There are many small things that you can do around the house to increase your level of safety. This can range from re-arranging furniture to allow easier movement, to removing loose rugs and installing grab rails.

Home Modifications are changes or additions to the house environment that allow you to live more comfortably, independently and safely for as long as possible. Your house can be adapted to make it easier for you to get around and manage everyday tasks whatever your age or level of mobility.

Minor modifications may include; level taps, grab-rails, installation of handheld showers, step or threshold wedges.

Major modifications may include; installation of ramps or elevators, widening of doors and hallways and bathroom and kitchen modifications.

We can also provide recommendations regarding lighting, remote door access, adjustment to chairs beds and table heights, consult on installation of electrical devices, switches and outlets and installation of assistive technology.