Case Management services are provided for people following a spinal cord injury and / other catastrophic injuries.

Case management includes:

  • coordinating treatment and rehabilitation;
  • assistance with establishing attendant care services if required
  • monitoring / evaluating services
  • assisting to establish and achieve realistic goals.

GDS Therapy case management focuses on achieving maximising participation and independence, resumption of function and fulfilment of life roles.

We work in partnership to achieve identified goals. This includes with:

  • the participant
  • family
  • attendant care workers
  • service providers and funding bodies

Each person is viewed as an individual and the injured person’s pre-injury function and roles are taken into account.

GDS Therapy assessments focus on function and ability, identifying limitations and strategies to achieve goals. Assessments address areas such as cognitive, behavioural, psychological and physical impairment taking into account quality of life issues such as physical and emotional wellbeing.

Rehabilitation Plans are developed in consultation with the injured person, family and treating professionals. Goals are measurable, attainable and functional.

Monitoring and reviewing progress and achievement of goals. Care needs are assessed, monitored and reviewed to ensure an appropriate level of support is provided throughout the various stages of life and transition in life roles.