Activity of Daily Living (ADL) Assessments

We assess the way you do your everyday tasks and make recommendations about a better and safer ways to manage. This can be any task that is important to you and/or necessary for you to do.

This may include:

Retraining in important Daily Living Activity

Task modification for goal attainment – (modifying task to achieve your goals)

Transfer training / re-training

Community reintegration training

  • using public transport (buses,trains, ferrys) photo
  • shopping
  • work place, etc…
  • returning to recreation interests or developing new goals

Upper limb overuse is a common complication for a long term wheelchair user. We can provide education and retraining in functional transfers and manual wheelchair propulsion to facilitate functional use of your upper limb for longer periods in the future.

We can review your equipment items and provide recommendations. Equipment can include trial and prescription of sliding boards, hoists/slings, hilo beds and shower commodes. It can include the prescription of a lighter weight manual wheelchair and power mobility for long distances and community access. Power mobility can include a power wheelchair or power assist options like a smart drive attachment, power assist wheels etc.